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we brewed it healthier

LATEST ISSUE: We Brewed It Healthier

Find out more about the new limited edition product – High Protein Premix Coffee! Don’t forget to check out the interesting articles below:

  1. Page 6 - Introducing High Protein Premix Coffee
  2. Page 8 - Susan Bowerman - Protein, Energy and A Great Taste All in One: A Guilt-free Iced Coffee Alternative Without Comprising on Taste
  3. Page 12 - What Your Coffee Says About You?

Reboot To A Healthier Lifestyle

Reboot to a Healthier Lifestyle (Oct - Dec 2020)

The world has changed and it's essential for us to stay on top of our game to keep up with this new reality. Now's the time to take better care of your body. Learn tips to stay on track with your fitness during stress, help you sleep better and wake up glowing,  and nourish your skin with Herbalife Nutrition Vitamin Mask!

Sky Is The Limit, The Time Is Now!

Sky's The Limit, The Time is Now! (Jan - Mar 2021)

Take a trip through the milestones of success throughout our 15 years - the hard work, the achievements and timeless memories. Besides, you can also find tips to achieve beauty from the inside out, including simple beauty tips for millennials to avoid Maskne and quick tips to get the best from your facial mask. Be sure not to miss out the inspiring words from President’s Team too! 

Soy For Life

Soy For Life(Apr -Jun 2021)

Unveil the science behind Herbalife Nutrition's Soy, the truth about soy and find out whether animal or plant protein is better for you. Learn the highlights of Formula 1 Nutritious Mixed Soy Protein Drink from this issue, including the exciting seasonal flavour - Mint Chocolate!

The Story of Mark Hughes

The Story of Mark Hughes (July - Sept 2021)

Learn how the Herbalife Nutrition vision began from the Herbalife Nutrition founder and first distributor - Mark Hughes; and how another legend - Jim Rohn inspired Mark Hughes. In this issue, we also highlighted the benefits of healthy breakfast and introduce Herbalife Nutrition Healthy Breakfast.

Gear Up For A Glowing New Year

Gear Up for a Glowing New Year (Oct - Dec 2021)

Get glowing, get going for a better you in 2022 by starting from the inside and looking polished on the exterior. Get tips from our notable experts on your body's needs in your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. Set your 2022 new year resolutions now and review them later!

Fuel You Inner Athlete

Fuel Your Inner Athlete (Jan - Mar 2022)

Introducing HERBALIFE24 and unveil the science behind HERBALIFE24 products. Find out what to eat before and after a workout from our expert and make HERBALIFE24 part of your workout plan. 

herbalife nutrition hub apr june 2022


As you start becoming healthier and fitter, it’s time to look outwards to a more radiant and glowing you. Look out for some tips to glow up your skin, understand the Herbalife SKIN Philosophy and what are the benefits of Herbalife SKIN to our customers. 

we brewed it healthier

We Brewed It Healthier (JULY - SEPT 2022)

Find out more about the new limited edition product – High Protein Premix Coffee! Don’t forget to check out the interesting articles.