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Say Yes To Herbalife

What is your ambition in life? Is it to inspire millions of people around the world? Create a healthier lifestyle through award-winning products backed by science? Or is it to empower the people around you to build a healthy community? If your answer is "Yes!" to all, then you'll fit right in with us!

We at Herbalife Nutrition strive to maintain our position as a global leader in nutrition, providing the world's No.1 brand for meal replacement and protein supplements through 40 years of experience and research.

You'll be empowering and inspiring your community with a healthy lifestyle through our products made only with the finest ingredients, formulated for the needs of people everywhere. Every batch of our flagship Formula 1 Nutritious Mixed Soy Protein drink undergoes 300 tests, as well as an unmatched 14-step quality control system to only give the best for all.

By being a part of a community in over 95 countries and territories, you'll be inspired to achieve your goals with us as we help you to make a difference.

With millions that have joined Herbalife Nutrition, there's so much more that you could benefit from us. All you have to do, is just say "Yes!"


SAY YES to World-Class Nutrition

Obtaining the finest ingredients takes a monumental effort. Together, with over 300 nutritionists and scientists, we travel the globe to work with top suppliers that curate only the best to produce our nutritional products. Throughout the years, the farming and production methods have advanced to deliver product excellence in every craft.

From seed to feed, we aim to make balanced nutrition straightforward so that our shakes, snacks, and drinks don't only taste great, but give the right balance for good health.

A healthy meal everyday made easy? Yes!

Note: Always purchase from authorized sales channels to ensure you are obtaining genuine products that meet quality and safety requirements.


SAY YES to A World of Difference

Your goals are our goals too. Whether you're aiming for health, happiness, confidence, or even a certain fitness level – we, your nutrition coach, will help you set up a plan to stick with it. The digits on the scales are not just numbers. To us, they are a path to a greater life.

We know it is not an easy journey, as long-lasting results take hard work. But with the right support system, honest guidance, and on-demand help, you'll be able to take one step forward with greater ease and strength as you know you are no longer doing it alone.

A world made better together? Yes!


SAY YES to A Worldwide Community

For over 40 years, we've fostered a supportive community of unique individuals united by a common goal – achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This personalised approach to nutrition has helped millions to lead a healthier lifestyle through science-backed products and endless support.

By joining the global community, you'll receive the right support to be empowered and inspired to lead the life you want to live.

Enjoying a work-life balance while making new friends? Yes!

Note: Always purchase from authorized sales channels to ensure receiving the right support from Independent Herbalife Nutrition Members through coaching, providing support, motivation, and accountability to guide you on good nutrition, meal planning, and healthier lifestyle choices.


A world of high-quality nutrition, science-backed products and endless opportunities is waiting for you! Join the millions of people around the world who said Yes to Herbalife Nutrition by simply saying "Yes!".


Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.