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Empowering Millennials As The Next Gen Of Direct Selling

Author: Herbalife Nutrition
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Meet the millennials: A generation, comprised of those born from 1981 to 1996, that lived through the introduction of online and smartphone technology as we know it now. Together with the current young generation, Gen Z, they’ve adapted to today’s social norm of social networks and hyper-connectivity, transforming how they see the world and interact with it.

When it comes to employment, millennials are looking at not just the payroll but also how work adds value to their life. A study by Herbalife Nutrition Asia Pacific Young Entrepreneurs Survey 2021 showed that 7 out of 10 Gen Zs and Millennials have claimed to start a business of their own, fuelled by passion and flexibility as they call the shots.

Due to personal development in employment where the focus is centered around “me” more than “the company I’m employed under”, an increasing number of self-start up companies have blossomed. This is further apparent in the direct selling business for the past few years, seeing a major increase in millennials striving to make their own living. It seems apt as the nature of direct selling fits seamlessly into almost any kind of lifestyle. Couple this with the evolution of the business through digitalisation and social media marketing, and both millennials and Gen Zs have a potential goldmine to tap into, be it for a full-time endeavor or something on the side.


Instant Connectivity, The Next Big Thing

The biggest benefit direct selling has to offer is an immediate transaction with the customer, allowing reps and distributors to cut the middle-man out from marking up the product prices. Millennials and Gen Zs are now able to conduct their business just about anywhere through the power of online social media, connecting them to virtually anyone be it family, friends or strangers.


Small Cost for a Big Business

Today’s economic landscape is indeed challenging on multiple fronts – rising debts, expensive cost of living, with the pay grade barely improving. To start an entrepreneurial business usually takes a monumental amount of capital to launch for a space and for marketing purposes. However, as direct selling moves towards digitalisation, having a physical outlet is no longer necessary and this drastically reduces the required capital for starting a self-sustaining business. It’s the perfect low-cost barrier to entry to begin your own career.


The Beauty of Work-Life Balance
Today, working among Millennials and Gen Zs is more than just a career, but also something that fuels their passion and lifestyle. Being involved in the direct selling business offers flexible working hours, which opens up possibilities for an enriching life filled with other activities such as travelling, volunteering and personal interests and more.

Set your own schedule as a member! You are free to devote as much or little time to the direct selling business as needed. The work module can either be a full-time job or a "side hustle" to provide a supplemental income to your main paycheck.

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