Do Protein Shakes Work? Muscle Gain and Weight Management

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Balancing a 9-5 job and taking care of your health can be a struggle to most. It’s hard to stay motivated to eat right, work out and get sufficient sleep each day. Naturally as humans, we tend to gravitate to what is easiest for us to achieve our goals. This is where protein shakes come into the picture.

With various flavours and recipe ideas to choose from, protein shakes are definitely the easy, go-to drink for people with active lifestyles.

Some of the reasons people drink protein instead of eating their protein are to gain muscle, manage weight and recover from injury.

Although many foods do have a lot of protein in them such as eggs, meat, poultry, milk and legumes, protein shakes and powders have become more known for its high-quality, accessible source of nutrient.

Let’s take a look at why protein shakes really work:

1. Protein shakes supplement your diet

Either sourced from animal or plant-based, many types of protein powder supplements are available in the market. The most favoured would be the animal-based powders that come from milk which are whey and casein. If you’re allergic to milk, there’s even an egg white protein which is a much more suitable choice.

Not forgetting vegans, vegetarians and lactose intolerant people, plant-based proteins are also widely available in options such as soy, pea, hemp or rice protein. The elite one out of the all these is soy being the top performing plant-based protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids and having a good score on the PDCAAS (protein digestibility corrected amino acid score).

Just go to the store and describe your preference where you’ll be met with so many types of protein powder to discover. Being an excellent dietary supplement to complete or enhance daily diets, it is little wonder why many are drawn towards protein shakes.

If you’re having a tough time meeting the daily protein intake through just food, high-quality protein sources available around you will come in handy to complete your healthy living.

2. Protein shakes benefits in gaining muscle

Initially, protein shakes were only consumed by athletes and gym enthusiasts who wanted to get bulky by increasing their muscle mass and improve their performance in sports.

But now, many have hopped on the bandwagon in consuming protein shakes for their daily dietary needs as well.

Athletes and gym enthusiasts would combine protein shakes with resistance training at the gym or outdoors so it may benefit them by promoting muscle growth and enhancing their physical performance and recovery. How exactly do they help internally?

As protein shakes provide amino acids that are easily absorbed by the body, the increase of the amino acids levels in the bloodstream will trigger a more significant response for muscle synthesis.

With resistance training, it stimulates muscle protein synthesis thus helping one’s body to build those muscles. Not only that, studies have also shown that protein shakes can retain and promote muscle gain even if you are following a weight loss diet. A win-win for all indeed!

Carrying such amazing benefits, high-quality protein shakes might just might be the thing you need in helping you achieve your fitness goals – be it to lose fats or to gain muscles.

3. Protein shakes benefit in managing weight

Whenever we hear the word ‘protein shake’, immediately an image of a bulky man or women pops into our heads. But here’s a secret, protein shakes can also make you manage your weight! Yes, you heard that right.

When used to replace a meal, protein shakes have been shown to help with weight management as they have been scientifically developed to provide all the nutrients that you typically would receive from an average meal but with lower calories.

You could go for other effective substitutes for meals that are high in calories but they don’t even give you the proper nutrients. Protein shake is nutrient dense and may provide micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats). In comparison to a typical breakfast that delivers around 550 calories, protein shake cuts down over half of those calories.

These protein shakes are so practical, easy and convenient, making them the perfect solution for our hectic 21st-century lifestyle. You can drink your shake on your way to work, in the office, in school or even at home. Nothing beats these protein shakes!

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