Choosing The Best Supplements: A Multifaceted Approach to Wellness

Author: Dr. Luigi Gratton
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Supplements: The New Wellness Essential
Today, dietary supplements have become an essential part of many consumers’ health and wellness regime. According to a global survey conducted by Herbalilfe Nutrition with the Council for Responsible Nutrition, average spending on vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements is about USD$286 per person per annum. On top of this, 24 percent of people consume more than three different supplements a week.

The benefits of supplements are clear for all to see – this is indeed a global health revolution that is here to stay. However, many consumers today may still wonder what are the best supplements to incorporate into their wellness plan.

Understanding Supplement Formats: Which Is Best?
Through the wonders of innovation and technology, we now have access to a broad spectrum of supplement formats. Let us examine the few popular types and their respective features.

·       Tablets: Made by crushing active ingredients. No coatings, so may sometimes have an aftertaste.

·       Capsules: Ingredients are enclosed in an outer shell. They may be in the form of pills coated with an easy-to-digest casing to prevent aftertaste, or ingredients may be enclosed in a two-part capsule.

·       Chews: An alternative format that can be more desirable for consumers who prefer the experience of chewing supplements.

·       Gummies: No longer just for children, but also now widely available for adults. Easy-to-chew and tasty format with unique flavours that appeal to a broader group.

·       Powders: Easy to swallow and mixable with beverages or other liquids for handy consumption.

·       Functional Beverages and Liquid Supplements: Contain supplemental nutrients for a convenient alternative targeted at consumers on the go. Usually have a shorter shelf life once opened.

Ultimately, all of these formats have their own pros and cons, and are ideal for various lifestyle groups. Most importantly, choose one that suits you best in maintaining a consistent nutritious diet and exercise routine.

Price Isn’t Everything: Quality Comes First
While it may be tempting to just choose a supplement that costs less and appears more affordable, not all supplements are created equal. Here are some tips on what to look out for before investing in supplements that directly impact your wellness and quality of life.

·       Choose only products from well-known companies with a dedication to science, quality, and safety.

·       Read the nutrition label carefully for any ingredients that stand out, especially if you have certain allergies or sensitivities.

·       Look out for third-party certifications such as Certified Gluten-Free, if you have specific food allergies or dietary restrictions.

·       Carefully go through the brand’s website to review the level of scientific and medical experts that they employ.

·       Check if the brand regularly invests in the testing and improvement of its products. Take note of independent, third-party studies from credible institutions.

Science-Backed, People-Inspired: The Herbalife Nutrition Difference

At Herbalife Nutrition, every single one of our products is held to the highest standard during each step of our Seed to Feed manufacturing process. This is a 14-step quality control system unmatched in the industry, encompassing every stage from ingredient sourcing to product manufacturing. To provide high-quality and science-based products that deliver the nutrients your body needs, all of Herbalife Nutrition’s products are backed by Cellular science through Botanical Identification Program which ensures the exact composition of plant-based ingredients. Herbalife Nutrition has 12 dedicated scientific experts to periodically conduct rigorous testing, and review hundreds of botanical ingredients. Only approved botanicals are infused into Herbalife Nutrition products, giving consumers the absolute peace of mind from science-backed nutrition.

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