Lee Yew Mooi and P’ng Hock Theng Headshot

Lee Yew Mooi & P’ng Hock Theng

Executive President’s Team

Their lives had been transformed tremendously during the last 15 years. They were business owners who faced with constant market challenges, cash flow and work force problems. Today, they are living their lives to the fullest, enjoying good health, and flexibility in life because of their hard work. The wellness industry is expanding fast and with Herbalife Nutrition’s good nutrition and quality products, all of us are at the right time and the right place to optimize on the huge potential to create stable income and business growth for us. 

Their son had also joined in this business, devoting himself to this great business method. Thanks to the Company’s comprehensive system, people from different backgrounds can select the business methods that suit them best. The continuous trainings locally and internationally, provided by the Company in the different aspects of the business, have helped to enhance their personal development, leadership skills and widen their vision. They were able to mingle with top Herbalife Nutrition leaders at local and international levels, learning from them and sharing our experiences. These exposures have benefited them tremendously, giving deeper insights into the prevailing market trends and how to build their business better.

Together with their teams, they are committed to serving their customers well; hence their "customer first" pledge. They customise weight management programs to suit the individual needs, so that they will experience optimal benefits. They have utilized the Healthy Active Lifestyle concept and training systems in their Nutrition Clubs and noticed a significant increase in the daily consumption of their customers and members. This gives them more opportunities to grow their business. They look forward to many more successful years in the Herbalife Nutrition business.