Wong Jien Wei and Cheng Shin Lan Headshot

Wong Jien Wei & Cheng Shin Lan

President’s Team 20K 

Jien Wei interest in the Herbalife Nutrition business was through a newspaper advertisement by his upline, and his wife Annibel Cheng, a student, was introduced to Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity by her university senior.

They were intrigued by Nutrition Club Concept when they first learned about Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity 10 years ago and strongly believe NC is a catalyst that will propel them forward to bring out the best results of customers and members.  They managed to duplicate 4 nutrition clubs within their team four years ago by adopting Nutrition Club method.

Then, they started to learn and put efforts to skill up in operating nutrition club. With the incredible leadership, training and support system in place, they successfully duplicated total 18 nutrition clubs in their organization in 2018 by building their business methodically and consistently educate their downlines.

Through hard work, perseverance and consistency, they are riding high with all the great momentum for the past few years through nutrition club method and achieved their President’s Team in year 2018 and achieved President’s Team 20K in year 2020. Currently, they duplicated over 60 nutrition clubs in their organization and become the youngest President’s Team in Malaysia.