Vevi Lim Headshot

Vevi Lim Lay Fen

President’s Team 

Vevi was brought up in a close family environment in a small town called Segamat. Being a single mother with 2 children, Vevi started to engage in fashion boutique sales in Segamat with some financial support from her elder brother but could only earn a low income. At that moment, Vevi just hoped that "If I could have an opportunity to make 10 times of the current income, I would be satisfied."

While looking nutrition information for her son, she saw Herbalife Nutrition related posting which she felt the products would suit her. This is how Vevi met her angel from Taiwan, who sent her a birthday gift and prompted her started to use the products seriously. This was the start of an unexplainable bond with her angel and Herbalife Nutrition.

After attending the Extravaganza in 2006, inspired by the Mark Hughes’s story and Jim Rohn’s philosophy, Vevi decided to start her Herbalife Nutrition business in Segamat. Though far from the training system resources, Vevi opened first her Nutrition Club  painstakingly influencing people in the community. Vevi encountered countless challenges, however, with persistency and resilience, Vevi managed to overcome hurdle by hurdle. "Everything is no problem!"

Initially struggling along the journey of her success, Vevi began to pick up her momentum by 2016 after following the Nutrition Club System led by President's Team Gavin Wong. She achieved her Millionaire Team in 2010, and eventually achieved her 7500RO and new President's Team after 5 years of hard work and determination.

Vevi has been so passionate to lead and guide her organizations and her customers to really support by daily consumptions even though the town they stay are mostly unreached and for such, she’s working, together with her Team, to get the utmost facilities to support her customer base, to grow the business even more progressively.

Currently, Vevi has been helping more than 2,000 members and customers to have better nutrition and better lifestyles. Vevi looks upon the business opportunity given by Herbalife Nutrition, cherished the partnerships and relationship built along with her organization, especially creating and embracing new methods and resources such as Masterclass/Cooking classes, which brought in more and more new customers and members online to learn more about company products and vision & mission. 

Her motto is: We can fail many times, but we cannot be beaten, even once!