Lutfanul Iman and Siti Nur Syahida Headshot

Siti Nur Syahida Aini Radzi & Lutfanul Iman Bin Abdul Rahman

President’s Team 

Before Herbalife Nutrition business, Iman worked as an engineer and Ida was an accounts clerk. They came across Herbalife Nutrition business opportunities through HOM.

Stressful work life with no time and financial problems influenced them to take the opportunity of Herbalife Nutrition business to change their destiny and life.

“We run nutrition club activities as a method of business. Several time our nutrition clubs failed and closed at the start. Armed with our dreams and beliefs to be successful in the Herbalife Nutrition business, we do not give up and will keep trying. The attitude of loving to learn and going to events after events, we found a way to succeed in our Herbalife Nutrition business. Continue working and with our team, we are able to provide a support system for all members in our team to learn and be motivated and gain exposure to the Herbalife Nutrition business.”