Rudi Samjis and Zulaikha Headshot

Rudi Samjis Bin Jasmin & Zulaikha Binti Abdul Aziz

President’s Team 

Both Rudi and Zulaikha felt so blessed to encounter Herbalife Nutrition so early in their lives. They wish to extend their gratitude to their sponsor, Millionaire Team Firdaus & Nadiah, and their mentors, Senior Executive President’s Team 20K, Puan Rahimah & Capt. Saiful. They started the Herbalife Nutrition business when they were just students. Herbalife Nutrition journey has impacted their lives beyond their expectations, to be who they are now. 

“In Herbalife Nutrition, we learned to always strive to be the best in all aspects of our lives. From this business opportunity, we learned so much of the importance of good nutrition and good health. We practice an active and healthy lifestyle with our family and keep impacting positive changes into the community through social media.” 

As President’s Team, they are greatly motivated by the amazing transformations and so grateful with the lifestyle that they are now able to enjoy because of Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity and their consistent hard work.

They wanted to achieve financial independence when they are still young so that they can inspire the younger generation to be successful business entrepreneurs like them and making good use of Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity available to everyone.

“We have embraced the Herbalife Nutrition mission as our own and we will continue to reach out to more and more people and share the good nutrition of Herbalife Nutrition with them.”