Roman Wong and Eva Chang Headshot

Roman Wong and Eva Chang

President’s Team 

Roman and Eva were both traditional business owners and often visits different countries to handle the business in the fashion industry. Although the business is very good, Eva is busy at work and very tired . Eva was looking for weight loss products after she had her first baby and by chance, her brother-in-law from Taiwan introduced  Herbalife Nutrition to her. At that time, Herbalife Nutrition just opened its doors in Malaysia, and they were both invited to an opening event there.

After hearing lots of Products and Income testimonies, Eva started on her weight loss journey and with results, she was able to influence a lot of her family, friends and her customers. Roman saw the opportunity in the Herbalife Nutrition business and both of them started in building their customer's base.

After learning from her friends in Taiwan, they perfected their Nutrition clubs and have been using this as a DMO in their business. This has brought great success and they were able to build a sustainable business model from there.