Rahimah and Capt Mohd Saiful(Rtd) Headshot

Rahimah Binti Sulaiman & Capt Mohd. Saiful Bin Abdul Rashid (Rtd)

Senior Executive President’s Team 20k 

Rahimah and Capt. Saiful (Rtd) were Building and Cleaning contractors with over 500 workers. Due to challenges with labour and late payments, my partner suggested that one of us should look for other business opportunities. At that time, Rahimah’s weight was over 100 kg, and she began trying to lose weight by going to slimming centers. Despite this, there was little nor any changes to her weight and incurring huge credit bills. She had little knowledge about nutrition or a balanced diet.  She ate whenever, happy or stressed. 

She then met Dr. Khadijah who introduced Herbalife Nutrition products to her. At first, she was very skeptical about the direct-selling business. However, the products proved to be effective and with heathy nutrition and right amount of exercise, she managed to lose 10 kg. To get into the business, she persuaded a close friend to share the products and costs with her, however her friend motivated her to look into the business seriously. 

At the first big event she attended, she knew that Herbalife Nutrition is a serious long-term business. Her mentors, Sam and Jenny, shared with her something that really inspired her to take up the business seriously. They said, “If you want to be successful, help more people to achieve success. If you want to achieve your dream, help more people achieve their dreams.”

It was the feeling of excitement over gratitude that attracted her business and life partner Capt. Saiful (Rtd) to join her in this business after she has been in the business full-time for the third year. Thereafter, with their hard work and dedication, they qualified for their President’s Team status and their business grew to the levels of 20k and to 2 diamonds.