Nourul and Eric Depp Headshot

Nourul & Eric Depp

Senior Executive President’s Team

When Eric started in 1990 in the Herbalife Nutrition business, he was just looking for extra cash for his life as a student. 

His Inspiration was the possibility of freedom (flexibility in work and financial) and being able to travel around the world. 

In the past 31 years, it became a reality, and he was able to live in 13 countries around the world for more than a year in each of them, experienced different markets and cultures that gave him the lifestyle and experience he wanted. 

“Today with my two boys, daughter and wife, we can travel around the world and live an incredible lifestyle that I only dreamed about 31 years ago .

My main method of operation is based on what I have learn directly from Mark Hughes concept - use, wear, talk and care for others. With our new era we also promote a healthy active lifestyle among our customers and members through better nutrition and fitness activities. 

“To be successful with Herbalife Nutrition business, in my opinion, you need to deserve it and do whatever it takes . Are you willing to go the extra miles? To go for trainings and learn each steps? To be inspired and understand the philosophy of Herbalife Nutrition and the vision that many people will share with you? We can learn from anybody, anywhere and anytime as long as we are open-minded and willing to work hard. 

You need to work first before you can enjoy the lifestyle you want. 

We have an opportunity to enjoy better nutrition and have better financial future, regardless of the language you speak, your background and experience. So do not waste time and go for it ”

Nourul, his wife, was and is, a professional singer and of course requires high energy, stamina and an ideal body shape. However, due to unbalanced mealtime and rest time, she was tired and found challenging and difficult to maintain her ideal body shape.

Eric, in 2010, introduced her to Herbalife Nutrition and she was very pleased with her results on the products which inadvertently leads to the world of opportunities in the nutrition industry. 

Nourul took seriously this business opportunity that today she considered as a life saver as well as an excellent retirement plan!

“The best is that, today, my wife is not only helping to entertain people around for their pleasure, but she can help them to change their life physically and financially according to what they want to achieve with Herbalife Nutrition. 

We are both committed to make Mark Hughes dreams come true and help many people in the world to change their habits of nutrition. We are here today to serve …”