Norsuhana and Mohd Yusof Headshot

Norsuhana Binti Ahmad Marzuki & Mohd Yusof Bin Rani

Executive President’s Team 

Before starting the Herbalife Nutrition business, Norsuhana was a full-time housewife while her other half worked as ice cube supplier. She was skeptical when first introduced to Herbalife Nutrition business by her sister, Nor Afidah. After she started to consume the products and proper nutrition together with heathy active lifestyle, she managed to lose 17 kg and felt healthier and more energetic, throughout the day. With good product results, she started to share with friends and family in hope of helping them become healthier and happier.

She always attend trainings organized by corporate such as Spectacular, MDW, LDW and Extravaganza. She always strive to qualify for all promotions and vacations.

“I didn’t want to be alone in this great business, so I started to invite customer with good results to join the business and that is how I started to grow my team. I’m feeling grateful and happy that my life has changed 360 degrees. Coming from a housewife background, I’m living beyond my expectations. Most importantly, my achievement wasn’t achieved by myself. This success is to be shared with all my teams. Their dreams are more important than anything else. As I continue to grow, I want my team to grow alongside me and fly as high up as high as me.”