Norshamila and Nickhin Hussien Headshot

Norshamila Binti Mohd Sahimi & Nickhin Hussien

President’s Team 

They started their Herbalife Nutrition business in 2012 due to one of the programs organized by their upline Kak Yati & Encik Mohammed, which was the Weight Loss Challenge Program. In the early stages when they met the Herbalife Nutrition business, both of them had no higher education, only studied up to form 1, and didn’t have much money. 

“In fact, until the moment we decided, we only had RM40. With that money, we use that money to buy a testimonial album and our transportation fares. Every day, we will make sure that there must be some customers so we can afford our lunch and return transportation fare”.

In 2015, they achieved World Team status within 3 months with their hard work and dedication but remained in that status until 2016, during which time they are still in the process of learning to grow their business. They started making changes, practicing personal development and just understood the philosophy of Jim Rohn & Mark Hughes. 

Almost 5 years, at first it may look like a failure, but it was actually a process of building strength and testing for them to be stronger and willing to accept something big, and this is where many people do not see this, and they stopped. While every dream must be achieved with sacrifice and unwavering attitude and knowledge.

“Personal Development Knowledge is an important foundation apart from DMO technical knowledge and also always see the success of others as an example, the success model is relatively unaffected by the mind.

“We are thankful here that if we continue to come to events, we can continue this exposure and can repair or improve anything we do. Thank you again to our team and we can't wait to see you achieving the status of President's Team. Now is the time for us to increase our efforts, enthusiasm and application of knowledge and double any activities.

Believe me, when you get here, all difficulties along the way will turn into sweet success and a personal triumph. We share the mission of Mark Hughes. Health and economic opportunities are meaningful because it is no longer the money goal but wanting to see others also healthy and successful in life. Importantly, we are always passionate, hardworking, and self-capital that is properly committed, this is what we always believe.”