Nicholas Wong and Viya Hsieh Headshot

Nicholas Wong & Viya Hsieh

Executive President’s Team 

Before joining Herbalife Nutrition, Nicholas was an engineering student who has no working experience and no business background while Viya worked as a banker, with extended working hours & hectic lifestyle which reduced the quality of her life with quality time for family.

Then, Nicholas came across a platform and was amazed how ordinary people were able to live an amazing life and traveling around the world. And he made the right decision to join this Herbalife Nutrition business, especially knowing market demand for nutrition is even higher and more relevant than ever. 

They saw an equal opportunity to inspire more people with ordinary background to be successful as they made it happened, reached the Top 1% after years of hard work and persistence. Now, they have an amazing time and freedom for themselves and their family, as well as confidence level had never been higher than now.

More than just life satisfaction, at the same time they inspired others to make it happen too!

“There appears to be a direct correlation with overall well-being and giving our time, or other resources to a cause that we are passionate about and making the community become healthier and happier. Never ever doubt how far you can go, just do it over and over again and never ever give up! If you can dream it, you can achieve it!”