Ng Ah Moi Headshot

Ng Ah Moi

President’s Team

Ng Ah Moi joined Herbalife Nutrition Business at the age of 54, at a time when her husband was suffering from health issues, and her family was in financial difficulty. Thanks to Herbalife Nutrition, she was able to visualize the huge potential that the business has to offer and the numerous opportunities for her. She decided to go into the business full-time and dedicate herself to building the business after attending the invaluable trainings and events organized by Herbalife Nutrition. 

Herbalife Nutrition business had given her the flexibility of time and the ability to generate income at her own pace without having to sacrifice her time as a caregiver to her husband. Although her husband had since passed on, she was been able to move on as grieving wife and shift her energy towards creating a brand-new life for herself. For that, she is truly grateful to Herbalife Nutrition. 

Today, she look youthful and can go about doing her activities with much energy thanks to Herbalife Nutrition. She is able to participate in the global incentive programmed, seminars and summits held by the Company, learning and sharing experiences with other top leaders from around the world. These experiences have widened her vision, improved her leadership skills and given her the confidence to set new goals for her future, and to lead her team to scale greater heights in the business.