Maryam Izzati and Tuan M Norhafizuddin Headshot

Maryam Izzati Binti Mohd Noor & Tuan M Norhafizzudin Nek We

President’s Team 

13 years ago, they came across this Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity. At that time, 19-year-old Maryam was looking for opportunities to help her mother financially while earning an income to cover her study expenses and to help to support her family. 

Starting with the dream of earning only RM1,000 a month became a reality after attending the first Herbalife Nutrition event by earning RM2,500 in the first two weeks of the business. With no  business background, Maryam only has dreams and a strong ‘WHY' to succeed, a student that could give an amazing life for her mother and family.

After 2 and a half years of doing business alone, Hafiz who used to work as an engineer and a very skeptical husband with this business at first, until one day he saw the opportunity after attended a Herbalife Nutrition event and decided to do on a full-time basis with Maryam. From a skeptic, he turned into a serious business partner in building this business together. 

“Alhamdulillah for 4 years running this business consistently, we became President's Team members. We are very happy to run this business where every day, we wake up in the morning with the clear purpose of helping many people to be healthy and change their lifestyle for the better in line with the opportunity to generate income in their Herbalife Nutrition business. Success in the Herbalife Nutrition business does not require large capital and does not take into account the extraordinary background, but it requires big dreams and continuous effort without knowing the meaning of despair. This is the best time to start and let's achieve success without limits. Herbalife Nutrition business. Thank you to our sponsors, our mentors and all the Herbalife Nutrition family who have always provided guidance and support in our journey over the years.” Let's Reach Beyond !