Lum Mun Wune Headshot

Lum Mun Wune

Executive President’s Team 15k 

After Mun Wune graduated from university with a law degree, she found a job in a broadcasting company as a radio promotion executive. She enjoyed her work with passion, but she has no big dreams. Mun Wune was very grateful to her mother, President’s Team Anna who introduced Herbalife Nutrition to her. After consuming the products and coupled with health active lifestyle, she managed to lose 20 kg.

With such amazing results, she attended her first Extravaganza event in 2006 and saw the business opportunity. Hence, when Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia opened in 2006, she and a few friends taken this opportunity and started the Herbalife Nutrition business. Through helping people get healthier with the nutrition, Mun Wune started to grow her team. Later, she found that she lacked in experience and faced some challenges in expanding her business. But she never gave up, never stopped learning and kept on finding solutions and positive attitudes, enable herself to meet with many great mentors who share with her the Nutrition Club success business model.

She followed the step by step systematized Nutrition Club trainings and managed to build a great team through Nutrition Clubs. Now, Mun Wune and her team have duplicated 20 nutrition clubs in Malaysia. Focus on duplicating nutrition clubs and expanding the business through social media, Mun Wune qualified as Executive President’s Team 15K in 2020. Because of the teamwork, hard work and consistency, she is very honored to have 3 partners in Australia who also achieved President’s Team in 2020.

“My mother told me that I had great product result and that is my biggest "resource" in Herbalife Nutrition to start a business. So long as I have a never stop learning mindset, willingness to share the love and never give up, I can certainly be successful one day!”