Lee Kim Oo and Chew So Chin Headshot

Lee Kim Oo & Chew So Chin

Senior Executive President’s Team

Kim Oo came from a simple background. Previously he was an egg farmer and then switched career to become an insurance consultant because he wanted a better life for his family and also likes to travel. However, his health was affected due to consequences of working long hours. Then he started to take care of his health with taking Herbalife Nutrition products, by having a balance nutrition and healthy active lifestyle, he successfully lost 13 kg. He also found this amazing prospect and business opportunities in Herbalife Nutrition, and he believes this can be inherited for his next generation.

Now his whole family is taking the products and become healthier by having healthy active lifestyle. They loved the business so much because surrounded by so many positive people from all walks of life. He is amazed how a person who did not have higher education like himself could work hand in hand with scientists and many professionals to bring good nutrition to the community.