KC Loo Headshot

KC Loo

President’s Team 

KC started off as most Johoreans do, working in Singapore after graduating from USA. He met his sponsor while helping her to find the way to MRT station when Herbalife Nutrition was just opening its doors in Singapore. He was taken aback when his angel who was in her 30s then, showed her product result photos. He would never think of losing weight since he is thin and slim, however, he decided to buy some products as he would like to share these nutrition with his parents. But before that, he started off to consume the products himself and he gained 4 kg of body weight and  being more energetic and have a healthier skin.

His small advertising firm in Singapore was in dire straits and started to accumulate debts, and that was when he decided to go into the Herbalife Nutrition business full time after he attended his first international event in Hong Kong, spending his last savings merely for the trip. There, he saw a big picture of this business opportunity. He started doing 'walk and talk' and roadshows to reach out to cold market. He came back to Malaysia a few months before the Malaysia market was opened in 2006. Unfortunately, he experienced the loss of his mother which drained him for almost 6 months before he decided to stand up again and continue to serve the community by sharing the benefits of  Herbalife Nutrition. He started his first Nutrition Club in 2007. Achieving his Millionaire Team status in 2007, he then worked selflessly and consistently together with other member leadership across Southern Malaysia and eventually achieved the President’s Team status in August 2012. He gained trusts from leaders in the region, and he has been leading a multi-organization Team since 2006 till now!

KC and the majority Southern leaders always give back to the society and before Amitabha Malaysia, Johor Bahru was adopted as the third Casa Herbalife under the HNF. As a team, KC and the southern leaderships have been contributing a lot in term of monetary and resources to the children. Proudly, KC was awarded as the 2020 APAC Humanitarian Award for his efforts to uplift the social welfare by taking care of the needy children’s education and nutrition.