Hjh. Kamilah and Tn. Hj. Ayob Headshot

Hjh. Kamilah Binti Jusoh & Tn. Hj. Ayob Bin Saleh

Executive President’s Team 20k 

Kamilah, through Herbalife Nutrition business, had found a blissful life with her family. Herbalife Nutrition had helped to develop her into the person that she is today, transformed in so many ways. The most obvious transformation that she experienced is her self-belief. The next realization is in her attitude towards herself, and to the people around her, and her community. She became more patience, tolerance and respectful for other people compared to before. From a less confident person, she had changed into a positive person who believes in her own thinking and dreams. She believes that she can give more valuable time to herself, her family and to provide as much as  possible can to her mother.

The greatest satisfaction she gets from Herbalife Nutrition business is to be able to give back to society and the community she lives in through the HNF to help them live better lives. It gives her peace and calmness knowing that she can do her part. In the last 10 years of doing Herbalife Nutrition business, it has given her the highest quality of life with her children, husband, and family.

Her husband had also fully to join her in the Herbalife Nutrition business, giving his strong and unwavering support. Whilst the initial years were challenging but he was always there, being the backbone of their business, and holding it all together. It would not have been possible to succeed in the business of Herbalife Nutrition without his support. They both enjoy the business and love Herbalife Nutrition tremendously. In business, it is always important to do the right thing - start on the right foot to end well in business. She eternally grateful to the Almighty for presenting Herbalife Nutrition opportunity into their lives.