Stella Kam and Calvin Wong Headshot

Kam Lai Yin & Wong Shin Sheung

President’s Team

Herbalife Nutrition has transformed Stella’s life from a full-time housewife to a confident businesswoman. Herbalife Nutrition products provide her entire family with the daily needs of good nutrition. As her husband and her build their business in Herbalife Nutrition, their financial position also improved in tandem. Through the Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity, they were able to achieve success and live a life filled with passion and joy. She had grown more confident as a person and a leader despite her modest educational background.

“We love this business and have dedicated our time to sharing the products and business opportunities with others through the various daily methods of operations such as the Nutrition Club, Shake Party and so on. The systematized trainings, workshops and events organized by the Company, locally and abroad, have given us better insights into the business and kept us abreast with the latest development in the business. These sessions have inspired us to push the limits with our team, to set new goals for our team as we build our business better.

We have strong faith in Mark Hughes’s mission and vision, to pursue our dreams and aspirations boldly while gladly accepting the challenges that come our way. It is true that a person’s success is determined by his or her attitude, action, positive thinking and emotions. We always strive to rise above our challenges and negativity, and to face our problems with courage and determination. Moving forward, we are incredibly excited about expanding our business and to continue building our business better in the coming years.”