Haslina and Mohamad Nasir Headshot

Haslina Binti Hasim & Mohamad Nasir Bin Che Md Noor

President’s Team 

Previously, Nasir was a Family Business Entrepreneur in the Safety and also Fashion Design Industry, while Haslina was the Owner & Teacher of a Tuition Center. They were introduced to the Herbalife Nutrition business in 2006 and started only as consumers. 

After returning from the Extravaganza in Bangkok in June 2006, Nasir decided to start doing the Herbalife Nutrition business while Haslina only saw a clearer picture after qualified for a Herbalife Nutrition vacation at Australia’s Gold Coast in 2011 and they both started doing this business full time in June 2012.

They have been working hard consistently in Herbalife Nutrition business for over 15 years and managed to achieve the 1 Million Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019 and had successfully reached the President’s Team level in 2020.