Fatin Najwa and Muhammad Shafiq Headshot

Fatin Najwa Binti Abdul Nasser & Dr. Muhammad Shafiq Bin Samsudin

President’s Team 

At the time, Fatin came into this business just to see the opportunity to generate a side income as a student.

“Alhamdulillah, the opportunity to succeed in the Herbalife Nutrition Business is open to all as long as we do not give up when faced with challenges, continue to consistently learn and take action and are committed to achieve their goals.”

Fatin is grateful to be able to represent the success and gives hope to all. 

“If I can do it, believe you can all do even better. On the way to the President’s Team, no doubt there will be challenges and there are difficult times but think of it as a learning phase and continue to focus on our goals and dreams. Always be open -minded to change and willing to learn from anyone. For me, attitude and good mindset are among the main keys to success.”