Edwin Ooi Headshot

Edwin Ooi

President’s Team 

Edwin was a founder of multiples tuition centres before joining Herbalife Nutrition business. Despite the good income, extended working hours and hectic lifestyle reduced the quality of his life by conflicting with quality time for family and other responsibilities and needs outside of work until he met his upline. He was inspired by his testimonials and journey with Herbalife Nutrition business. He then started only taking the product, looking for overall health and wellness. He then became more interested in the Business Opportunity that Herbalife Nutrition offered to him and started to share with his friends, family, and circle of interest.

“I love my life now more than ever. My lifestyle is healthier than before and spending quality time with my family and strengthening relationships with one another, most importantly, living without financial pressures. Nowadays, I work closely with my team member and continuously inspire others with my own results and the business opportunity. Daily organization report is deeply integrated into my daily tracking to monitor the business performance of key leaders, keeping track if they are on track with their goals set, supported by corporate event and monthly promotion, as well as guiding them on the importance to know their business numbers for their own organization, or on par with regional and country metrics, treating people with all the affection that they deserve and supporting them daily with their needs and request.

Herbalife Nutrition came to change my life and I strongly believe we can achieve anything that we set our mind to by helping ourselves believe that we can achieve the impossible. Nothing is impossible to those who are determined to make their dreams a reality! Never quit, don’t give up! Staying on track by starting to activate the right thoughts, right now! “