Dries Van Kerckhoven and Annida Karau Headshot

Dries Van Kerckhoven & Annida binti Karau

President’s Team

Dries started Herbalife Nutrition business in Belgium. Four months after doing it part time, he decided to do the business full-time as he saw the opportunity and results, he realised that this business opportunity will give him much more satisfaction than ordinary job. 

After one and a half years, he fulfilled his first dream, to work in another country. In Malaysia, at first, he had some challenges as he did not know how to deal with local people, did not master the language yet and had difficulties to build the customer base but he continued with hard work and perseverance. After a while, while he was building his business opportunity in Kota Kinabalu, he met his wife Annida Karau. 

Together, they ran the business by using Nutrition Club method very successfully for about 7 and a half year, and with hard work and consistency, they became President’s team. They had also traveled around the world for trainings and qualified vacations. 

“We have worked hard and with consistency, and it absolutely is worth it because the opportunities you get is of huge value.”