Dr Khadijah Headshot

Dr Khadijah Md Jadi

Executive President’s Team

Driven by the need of bringing up her children and giving them education had made Dr. Khadijah to  choose and believe the opportunity Herbalife Nutrition gives. Not only she became healthier, but Herbalife Nutrition also offers business opportunity which enables her to consistently working hard on so she and her family can have a  more comfortable life and more family time. She is also able to involve in the charity organization to help others and to give to give back to the community. For all the challenges, it makes her to grow stronger and finally able to lead a fruitful journey. 

She thanks the Almighty (SWT) for the chance encounter with her upline, Cammy who introduced her to Herbalife Nutrition business about 16 years ago. At that time, she was overweight and had to lose weight . It was Herbalife Nutrition’s cellular nutrition, concept of low calories and balanced meals that made her feel healthier and more energetic. 

Satisfied with her new look, she began to introduce the products to her friends and circle of influence that included Rahimah Sulaiman, Senior Executive President’s Team Member 20K. When she saw her customers’ happy faces after they achieve their ideal weight, she becomes more motivated to share Herbalife Nutrition’s mission with more people. 

As a medical doctor, she would not recommend her customers to try out diet pills or to go on crash diets just to lose weight. The good nutrition in Herbalife Nutrition products enables one to either lose or gain weight the healthy way.  She would introduce the products to her circle of influence and assist her downlines with talks on the importance of nutrition and host shake parties to promote the healthy active lifestyle. By sharing the product testimonials with others, one is  also generating a sustainable business growth for themselves.