Daniel Tan and Jessica Hong Headshot

Daniel Tan Kian Heng & Jessica Hong Oi Lan

Executive President’s Team

It was thanks to the recommendation of his Aunt Jane, his upline that started Daniel and his wife, Jessica on the products. They experienced great results and grew hugely interested in the company as well as its awesome products. “Once you experienced the good product results, you will begin to enjoy all the beautiful things that come your way. We began to share our experience with other people and took up the Herbalife Nutrition business on a part-time basis and consistently working hard and made it to the President’s Team status. Through the years, we encountered similar problems as other members. But we never gave up and continued to move forward, to think positive that every problem has a solution, and that everyone have a chance to achieve President’s Team status with hard work and dedication.” 

They are grateful to the following people who have been instrumental in their success in Herbalife Nutrition. They are their uplines Jane and John for bringing them into the Herbalife Nutrition business a decade ago; their up-uplines Alice Chang and Jenny Chen for their continuous assistance. International Executive President’s Team Audrey Chan and Joey Koh; and Millionaire Team 7500 Fei Furn and Wei Hsiung and all their downline organizations for their trust in them. They want to thank the teams, despite the changes made by the Company over the past decade, all of them manage to continue to develop and enhance themselves. And also, they would like to thank their overseas teams, Vietnam and etc.

Daniel and Jessica thanked God for His grace for them to be in Herbalife Nutrition business for the past 15 years. They are also indebted to the Company for all its support services and help for them to weather the challenges encountered during the past 10 years. They would also thank all the sidelines and leaders for their selfless contributions towards Herbalife Nutrition Malaysia. As they strive to fulfill the dreams of Mark Hughes, they have to lead by example, doing what is right, being thankful, and never forgetting how they started. Finally, they are indebted to Mark Hughes for creating Herbalife Nutrition and sharing his vision with the world. 

“If someone like me, with limited experience and educational qualification can make it to the Executive President’s Team, I believe you can make it to the level too with working hard consistently.”