Celine Tan and Welly Chew Headshot

Celine Tan Siau Yen & Welly Chew Kock An

President’s Team 

Celine was easily tired and overweight before knowing Herbalife Nutrition. She lost 16 kg of body weight with proper nutrition and health active lifestyle. Seeing Celine’s results, Welly, being underweight and slim, started to consume the nutrition paired with right amount of exercise,  successfully gained 16kg of his body weight.

Celine started as a part-timer for almost 16 months by walk and talk and started her first nutrition club by end 2007. Celine achieved new GET Team status in May 2008. Welly married to Celine before attending the first Extravaganza overseas in 2009. Lots of challenges encountered due to lack of experience till his upline President Team Kao Chien-Sheng from Taiwan helped their business grow by doing a systematized training in May 2009. With hard work and dedication, they achieved Millionaire Team in September 2011, and 7500RO in 2016. Now, they have achieved President’s Team pin in January 2021!

Married with a 11-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son, Celine & Welly lived a good life with the fruitful results gained from Herbalife Nutrition business. Being HNF Casa Friend, Celine & Welly have been passionately contributing on a monthly basis and also to UNICEF. Locally, Celine & Welly have been contributing in monetary to local homes and NGOs.

Currently, Celine & Welly have been helping more than 3,000 members and customers to have better nutrition and better lifestyles.

Their motto is: Never Give Up, The Success Will Be Yours!