Audrey Chan and Joey Koh Headshot

Audrey Chan Suet Ling & Joey Koh Chin Chong

International Executive President’s Team

Audrey was in the corporate world as General Manager to 2 listed companies and was also a stockbroker. However, while facing financial difficulties and suffering from an "unhealthy eating habits", she was looking for solutions to improve her wellbeing. Through her prayers, God answered, and her angel introduced her to Herbalife Nutrition. At that time, she was a full-time breastfeeding mother of 3 children for 5 years. After she, her husband and eldest daughter had amazing product results, she started to work seriously in the Herbalife Nutrition business.

For more than 10 years, she worked hard on her business, focusing on sharing good nutrition with as many people as possible daily. Her passion in the "Mission for Nutrition" has given her the happiness and total freedom now. Her happiness also comes from having the right balance in all aspects of her life — "A Healthy, Supportive Husband and Children, Time and Financial Flexibility as well as having Meaning and Purpose in Life". 

To quote Jim Rohn, “You Can Have More Than You’ve Got by Being More Than You Are.” To Audrey, the possibility of achieving "Freedom (Stability in Family, Flexibility in Work and Finances)" is one of the most important elements in her pursuit for "long-term happiness."

With this freedom, it will take away a lot of tension, pressure and anxiety. She knows that happiness is a rare commodity and there are some, due to their painful past failures or fear of failure, have refused to come out of their comfort zone in search of their happiness. Most people are not living to their "Best God Given Potential". Audrey found her "Happiness and Freedom" as she had "Amazing Mentors" who supported her journey to be successful. She is extremely passionate about "Good Nutrition" because she wants people to understand their body and what their body needs and how they can fulfill the needs.

She is very "Inspired and Motivated" to help as many people to stay "Healthy for as long as they live", to enjoy a "High Quality of Life" and to be "Productive for themselves and their Family". She attribute her success to the "Personal Development and Leadership Trainings" in Herbalife Nutrition. The decision to join Herbalife Nutrition business fifteen years ago is the "Best Decisions she had made in her Life". Audrey says, "This Life-Changing Decision has given her Family and her their "Best Life Imaginable."