Hjh. Asriah Saad and Hj. Allen Peter Headshot

Hjh. Asriah Saad & Hj. Allen Peter

Executive President’s Team 15k 

Moving from conventional business to the Herbalife Nutrition business was truly a personal transformation for both of them. In their 10 years in Herbalife Nutrition business, they understood better the importance of personal development, self-learning, innovation, leadership and most of all, hard work. They had many opportunities to learn from successful examples beginning from the time when they were a brand-new Supervisor. As they progressed, they began to share with newer members who joined later. They understood the wisdom and power of sharing, with sincerity and a good heart.

Herbalife Nutrition truly taught them to be generous in sharing their skills. They understood that they couldn’t be successful in the Herbalife Nutrition business when others are not enjoying the same success together. All of their success and transformation came first from their own product results. That was the star. They have been blessed with having good nutrition and an education about healthy living over the past 10 years.

As Herbalife Nutrition evolved, having introduced the Herbalife24 products, they are now more active physically than ever. They would not imagine life if they have not found Herbalife Nutrition. The past 10 years would not be as exciting. Herbalife Nutrition have given them plenty of opportunities to enjoy success together with their family members, sharing the gift of success with their loved ones. And they thanked Allah, for allowing them to be part of the Herbalife Nutrition family.