Amertat Cohn and Julia Kadir Cohn Headshot

Amertat & Julia Kadir Cohn

Chairman’s Club

Amertat Cohn (shown with his wife Julia) had produced and directed documentary films for 20 years but could not develop a stable income.  He believed he had the ability to do more and realized this when he found Herbalife Nutrition through a newspaper ad in California and an opportunity meeting with his Sponsor, Ben Cole.

Knowing nothing about nutrition products or how to develop this business, Amertat became dedicated to using the products seriously and learning from Ben and all the other more experienced members. His method was mostly to create action through inviting many people to one on one or group presentations. He treated each customer individually striving to help them get great results by introducing them to the Herbalife Nutrition products and business opportunity.

After several years of consistent work, Amertat became a President’s Team Member and the number 8th member in the world and then after 15 years, a Chairman’s Club Member. Today, he lives in Malaysia with Julia and has created an international business stretching around the globe, from California through Europe to Asia. His love for travel fits well with his Herbalife Nutrition business enabling him to consistently do trainings around the world, or vacation with his family of seven children and five grandchildren. He proudly declares, “I have so much opportunity thanks to Herbalife Nutrition.  Today, I am a citizen of the world.”