Amalina Allen Peter and Muhammad Abqari Headshot

Amalina Allen Peter & Muhammad Abqari Bin Abdul Hamid

Executive President’s Team

They started Herbalife Nutrition business when they were full-time students. Amalina was only 18 when she started Herbalife Nutrition business in 2007. She had big dreams but didn’t really know how to achieve them. Getting to know about Herbalife Nutrition was the best thing that happened to her as it opened the doors for all her dreams.

Their dream to start a family was achieved in 2010. They got married that year and after 7 years, they have two beautiful daughters and a handsome boy. One of the most amazing things about the Herbalife Nutrition business is to be able to work and stay committed without leaving their children in the care of others. She always wanted to be a full-time mother with a stable income and through Herbalife Nutrition business with the hard work, dedication, Allah has given her more than that. Sometimes they work on a 5-day week and at other times on a 7-day week with their children in tow. Their children have accompanied them on their overseas events and they, too enjoyed and learnt so much. 

At home, she is able to spend fun times with her kids. It is absolutely marvelous that the Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity had allowed her to be a full-time mother and full-time Herbalife Nutrition Member without affecting their income. The Herbalife Nutrition products have magically changed her life. After switching to Herbalife Nutrition shakes for breakfast and maintaining heathy active lifestyle, she feels fresh and more energetic. Her husband gained 8 kilos with Herbalife Nutrition’s gain weight program. After consuming Herbalife Nutrition products for more than 13 years and having 3 children, they are still able to maintain their weight. It has been a dream come true for her to travel everywhere with her family. To date, they have travelled to more than 20 countries for Herbalife Nutrition overseas events. They thank Allah every day for this wonderful gift.