Aeris Wong and Victor Ong Headshot

Aeris Wong Lee Yea & Victor Ong Teck Sin

President’s Team 

Though Aeris was overweight since childhood days, she was a sportsperson during her secondary school.  She got to know Herbalife Nutrition after her elder brother Gavin Wong sent her a photo of himself and Wendy to her when she was still studying her degree in Australia. To her surprise, she had never seen her brother and Wendy lost so much weight and slimmed down healthily. She then signed up as member and started to use the products. With balanced nutrition and healthy active lifestyle, she had successfully lost 12 kg. While her spouse, Victor Ong, was previously working in Sales at Singapore, joined as her downline in year 2007, being underweight and slim, started to consume the nutrition with right amount of exercises, successfully gained 12 kg of his body weight.

Aeris continued to be a consumer while she was working as a translator in Hong Kong after graduation. She was then invited by her brother Gavin to attend the Extravaganza in USA in conjunction with 25th Anniversary Celebration for Herbalife Nutrition. She was amazed with the business opportunity. She decided to be back to Malaysia when Malaysia market opened in 2006 and to do the Herbalife Nutrition business full time. Starting by running a first Nutrition Club back in 2008, she experience how to work the business with Gavin and Wendy in Batu Pahat. Struggling along the journey of her success, she experienced many ups and downs, she began to pick up her momentum by 2017 by successfully implemented the Nutrition Club method. Though achieved Millionaire Team in 2011, she continued to work hard in this business and eventually achieved her 7500RO in 2019 and her President's Team after 2 years.

Aeris & Victor live a better life nowadays. they manage to buy their dream house (to ready in next few years) and also, their dream car. They also managed to bring along their parents for overseas vacation. Most importantly, they have set their goals to help more and more people in their journey of success and becoming more valuable people in life.

Currently, Aeris & Victor have been helping more than 2,000 members and customers to have better nutrition and better lifestyles. They look upon the business opportunity given by Herbalife Nutrition, cherished the partnership and relationship built along with their organization, especially creating and embracing new methods and resources  in these 2 years, e.g. Masterclass/Cooking classes, which brought in more and more new customers and members online to learn more about company products and vision and mission.


Their motto is: We can’t decide where we came from, but we can design what we want in life!