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Member Leadership

Our Herbalife Nutrition Independent Members provides a person-to-person, high touch experience that goes beyond a product to include motivation and support to help their customers change for the better. Learn how our Independent Members serve as coaches to their customers and communities, and their success stories.

Amertat Cohn and Julia Kadir Cohn Headshot

Chairman’s Club


Amertat & Julia Kadir Cohn

Audrey Chan and Joey Koh Headshot

International Executive President’s Team

Audrey Chan Suet Ling & Joey Koh Chin Chong

Rahimah and Capt Mohd Saiful(Rtd) Headshot

Senior Executive President’s Team 20k

Rahimah Binti Sulaiman & Capt Mohd. Saiful Bin Abdul Rashid (Rtd)

Hjh. Kamilah and Tn. Hj. Ayob Headshot

Executive President’s Team 20k

Hjh. Kamilah Binti Jusoh & Tn. Hj. Ayob Bin Saleh

Hjh. Asriah Saad and Hj. Allen Peter Headshot

Executive President’s Team 15k

Hjh. Asriah Saad & Hj. Allen Peter

Daniel Tan and Jessica Hong Headshot

Executive President’s Team

Daniel Tan Kian Heng & Jessica Hong Oi Lan

Amalina Allen Peter and Muhammad Abqari Headshot

Executive President’s Team

Amalina Allen Peter & Muhammad Abqari Bin Abdul Hamid

Lee Yew Mooi and P’ng Hock Theng Headshot

Executive President’s Team

Lee Yew Mooi & P’ng Hock Theng

Nicholas Wong and Viya Hsieh Headshot

Executive President’s Team

Nicholas Wong & Viya Hsieh

Norsuhana and Mohd Yusof Headshot

Executive President’s Team

Norsuhana Binti Ahmad Marzuki & Mohd Yusof Bin Rani 

Wong Jien Wei and Cheng Shin Lan Headshot

President’s Team 20K

Wong Jien Wei & Cheng Shin Lan

Stella Kam and Calvin Wong Headshot

President’s Team

Kam Lai Yin & Wong Shin Sheung

Dries Van Kerckhoven and Annida Karau Headshot

President’s Team

Dries Van Kerckhoven & Annida binti Karau

Rudi Samjis and Zulaikha Headshot

President’s Team

Rudi Samjis Bin Jasmin & Zulaikha Binti Abdul Aziz

Maryam Izzati and Tuan M Norhafizuddin Headshot

President’s Team

Maryam Izzati Binti Mohd Noor & Tuan M Norhafizzudin Nek We

Roman Wong and Eva Chang Headshot

President’s Team

Roman Wong and Eva Chang 

Norshamila and Nickhin Hussien Headshot

President’s Team

Norshamila Binti Mohd Sahimi & Nickhin Hussien

Lutfanul Iman and Siti Nur Syahida Headshot

President’s Team

Siti Nur Syahida Aini Radzi & Lutfanul Iman Bin Abdul Rahman

Haslina and Mohamad Nasir Headshot

President’s Team

Haslina Binti Hasim & Mohamad Nasir Bin Che Md Noor

Tobby Ooi and Loo Seen Mei Headshot

President’s Team

Tobby Ooi & Loo Seen Mei

Celine Tan and Welly Chew Headshot

President’s Team

Celine Tan Siau Yen & Welly Chew Kock An

Fatin Najwa and Muhammad Shafiq Headshot

President’s Team

Fatin Najwa Binti Abdul Nasser & Dr. Muhammad Shafiq Bin Samsudin

Aeris Wong and Victor Ong Headshot

President’s Team

Aeris Wong Lee Yea & Victor Ong Teck Sin

Vevi Lim Headshot

President’s Team

Vevi Lim Lay Fen